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Prefabricated houses

The weight and in accordance with the material costs can be substantially reduced so that very low-cost prefabricated homes can be prepared. Due to its low weight, the usable payload is increased. Also results in a more uniform load distribution, since the force recording is on all four sides. The weight reduction of the shelves has a positive effect on the overall design. Also can be significantly reduced on site by the rational connection equipment assembly time. As a further advantage cables for electricity, water, gas, etc. can be passed through the holes in the light weight component. This allows the support structure in case of fire reliabilty are protected from heat damage. After the bodies components can be produced from all materials, it is possible to select materials according to the known fire protection class. In addition, it is possible to install water tubes in the structure so that the structure  can be effectively protected by cooling from overheating.
Individual segments can be delivered that are then simply put together on site to form large constructional elements.
Light - weight - construction - elements

The construction height of roofs, level floors, balconies, galleries and porches can be reduced because additional I beams are no longer necessary. In addition, there is a more even distribution of loads as the load absorption can be done on all four sides. The installation times on site can also be substantially reduced.
In the production of bridges, individual strips and cover plates can be delivered on normal HGVs and compiled together on site with minimum installation effort. Transport costs can thus be saved. The most important benefit, however, is the reduction in the dead weight, resulting in material savings.
Besides the fabrication of curved roofs, tanks or towers are simplified.

The loft bed depicted below was produced from two grids of plywood:
Dimensions: 3 m x 1.5 m height 15 cm weight 38 kg plus parquet. As you can seen on the photo it is only fixed on two walls.