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Connecting of the Elements

For most applications it is useful to produce ready elements with the connection on two adjoining sides. This way the elements can be easly handled and connected in all directions to great constructions. A sketch of such elements is shown below:
Areas of a construction that are stressed with high powers can be strengthened by an other layer. The result will be an stiff octahedron structure.
Corner connection

The same profile can be used to connect two elements in an angle:
Closing profile

A profile to close the open sides is shown below:
Straight connection

The straight connection can be realised by a profile with cuttings in the same angle as the grid.
To connect the elements with other parts of the construction a screw should be set through the top of a pyramid. Also there is the possibility to fix a cylinder or a tube in the wholes of the grid. A hinge can be realized in the same way.
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