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Production of the lightweight construction elements

The production of the lightweight construction elements is done in three work steps:

1. Production of the strips
2. Joining of the grid
3. Application of the cover plates

Even elements:
Stamping from belt material is suitable with most materials.
Application of the cover sheets

The cover plates are laid on top and fixed. If the excess connecting material is insufficient, paste-like adhesive material or welding agent can be applied to the cover plates beforehand in line with the grid pattern. It is also possible to mark grooves in the cover plates in line with the grid pattern or to attach elevations. A form-locking connection is thus achieved. If an installation is to be done on site, there is the option of fixing the grid using special connecting elements and screws on the cover plates.
The finished grids are sprayed or dipped in adhesive. The capillary effect means that the adhesive automatically flows into the slits of the webs. With the use of a soldering agent, this is done in an analogous manner with the one difference that after application of the cover plates the element is brought into a heating furnace.
A stamp is used when paste-like glue is applied.
To simplify the illustration, guides and feed devices were not depicted. The production can be done in endless form in any width.

Curved elements

The curved strips are inserted into a drum and then the cross-strips inserted.
Curved elements:

If the material can be bended, the belts can be curved according to the envisaged radius and the sections then stamped out.
With the use of plate material, curved segments must be cut out and the diagonal sections milled into these.
With materials that cannot be stamped, suitable strips should first be cut from plates. Several strips are then grouped vertically to form a block and the diagonal cuts milled. A sketch is given below:
The strips can also be produced by rolling.
Joining of the grids

Even elements
Production is done on a machine with a feed device. The cross-strips are inserted diagonally from above into the lengthwise strips and then pressure is exerted on the cross-strips, resulting in a grid.
Light - weight - construction - elements