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Solar thermal generation of electricity

Parabolic reflectors or flat reflectors are used for solar thermal generation of electricity and these are aligned according to the level of the sun to concentrate the incidental sun light.
This most cost-effective combination of materials was selected due to the large areas needed. Large form elements can thus be produced with sufficient rigidity on which reflector foils are applied. Larger reflectors can thus be produced than those used up to now and through the reduction of the individual parts the degree of efficiency of the system can be increased and the investment costs reduced. These benefits can be generated in an analogous way in the manufacture of parabolic reflectors and the alignment of straight individual reflectors to a common combustion point.

Solar collectors 

The lightweight construction elements can be manufactured from transparent material to produce solar collectors. Tubes are inserted through the holes in the webs and connected to form a heating coil. To insulate the collector, the sealed element can be evacuated. Due to the high number of supporting webs, the pressures are to be distributed evenly so that the lightweight construction element withstands the air pressure when low material strengths are used. A model is depicted below:
A trough parabolic reflector is depicted below that has been created from cardboard with artificial resin using the lightweight construction structure.
Light - weight - construction - elements