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Load test

To check the calculations we made several parts for real tests. An 50 mm element of Aluminum made of 1,0 mm, one 30 mm made of 0,8 mm and one equal 30 mm element with a cover of 1,0 mm were tested. All the elements had a size of 1.000,0 mm x 500,0 mm.
Summary of the testing results Aluminium:

Measurements                           Load                 deformation

1.000x500x30x0,8 mm                300 Kg              4,66 mm

1.000x500x30x1,0 mm                300 Kg              3,41 mm

1.000x500x500x1,0 mm              750 Kg              2,89 mm

Encouraged by the test result, the FKA Aachen was commissioned with simulating a plate of 50,0 mm. From there, it was determined that with a load of 10,000 kg a permanent deformation of approx. 13 mm occurred which corresponds to deformation characteristics of a plate with a thickness of 27 mm solid material.

The bureau tecmos was engaged for further simulations and to create a static calculation tool.
You find this calculation tool on the website "calculation" and you can change the yellow fields so that you can tax your own constructions. There are two versions on the second you can even change the thickness of the covers.

On the site "calculation" You can see the simulations of extern institutes and make own calculations for your uses.
All the tests were made in this arrangement. Supported at the small sides and the loads set on a line in the middle.
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