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Motor vehicles

As a fundamental principle, lightweight construction is important with motor vehicles to increase the performance of motor vehicles and reduce the consumption of fuel. Material and thus manufacturing costs should also be saved. In addition, a few ideas are listed here that demonstrate the advantages of using the structure plates presented.

Electric cars

If you use this structure as a floor for cars the centre of gravity is lowered and there is no reducing of the trunk volume ore the inner sizes. The batteries can be stored in the floor and the temperature can be supervised and regulated in an easy way. What´s more there is a possibility to change single defect batteries.

With van bodies, platform superstructures or tankers, additional auxiliary frames can be done without due to the high rigidity. This simplifies the construction and the production. Due to the high rigidity of the structure, a sufficient rigidity can also be achieved with simple materials.


In case of accidents there is the possibility to renew only parts of the damaged elements.
Fort the fabrication of a bus a frame is made of many tubes. On the frame than thins are fixed and a wooden floor is laid. The tubes have to be cut, fixed and welded to a frame. A sketch of such a construction is given below:
Tubes for fuel, electricity or coolant can also be passed through the wholes of the elements. With a corresponding design, the volume of the plates can be used to store gases and liquids.


Here, the passenger cell (roof, side walls and floor plate) can be entirely produced from the structure plates. The rigidity of the plates can be sufficiently dimensioned so that the grid frame necessary up to now can be done without. After the calculations have been implemented, a floor plate of 50 mm thickness is sufficient to guarantee the necessary rigidity.

Construction up to now
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